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Half Term Holiday Camps


Week 1: Tuesday 3rd - Friday  6th April
Week 2: Monday 9th - Friday 13th April

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Saturday School & Wednesday Sessions

WEDNESDAY SIV Ponds Forge International Sports CentrejzAllstars
SATURDAY Derek Dooley Sports & Community Centre

5:00pm - 5:45pm

11:30pm - 12.30pm

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7:40 am - 8:40 am

Star Strikers FCA Morning - Motivation Sessions

The day will start with:

  • Motivational Football exercises.
  • Fun team games.
  • Building up confidence and greater relationships with children at all ages.
  • Deliver Football exercise mind testers.
  • Small relays and team building games to get the children all set for the day ahead.
  • Small sided football games.

Star Strikers FCA are dedicated to providing exciting, fun packed and interactive Football Coaching sessions and training to young people in your school. The involvement of every child is important as the emphasis is on developing skills on an individual basis, breaking down key skills and putting the fun into learning. Our training and coaching sessions help increase confidence, motivation and self-esteem for children. Sessions are delivered through a fun, encouraging and competitive approach with lots of games, competitions and prizes to be won!

Star Strikers FCA Benefits Coaching Sessions

We are proposing to provide schools with high quality Football coaching sessions. Not only will this provide children with the knowledge and ability to play football, past experience has demonstrated sessions have deeper individual and organisational benefits as well. Individual benefits can include increased self-esteem, self-efficiency and confidence along with a greater sense of self control. Furthermore sessions have helped young people to develop their interests and given them an all-important sense of achievement and empowerment.

For further information please Contact Us via our Enquiries / Booking Form. 

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