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Half Term Holiday Camps


Week 1: Tuesday 3rd - Friday  6th April
Week 2: Monday 9th - Friday 13th April

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Saturday School & Wednesday Sessions

WEDNESDAY SIV Ponds Forge International Sports CentrejzAllstars
SATURDAY Derek Dooley Sports & Community Centre

5:00pm - 5:45pm

11:30pm - 12.30pm

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Star Strikers FCA Afterschool Club / Extra hour Child Care Service Multi-ball Sports 3:30 - 4:40 pm
4:40 - 5:40 pm For Extra Childcare Multi-ball Sports

Star Strikers FCA have a high success rate of coaching and scouting for young football talent for our Professional Football Clubs and the FA Girls Centre of Excellence. Our Afterschool Club is full of fun Football tournaments, matches and penalty shoot outs. Our sessions always consist of fun,and enjoyment every child will to go away with a smile on their face feeling inspired and motivated. We always give out best required attention, supervision and excellent coaching. We are aware of the development and progression that is needed to include strengthening individuals in sports. A one hour session could change the whole concept of sport for a child. Star Strikers FCA are dedicated to providing exciting, fun packed and interactive Football Coaching sessions and training to young people in your school. Our training and coaching sessions are aimed to help increase confidence, motivation and self-esteem for children. Sessions are delivered through a fun, encouraging and competitive approach with lots of games, competitions and prizes to be won!

Awards for Attending our Sessions

Star Strikers FCA is a Certified Children’s University Afterschool Learning Destination where children and young people can collect afterschool learning credits that count towards their CU awards.

Each child will receive FREE drinking refreshments at the end of each session and a certificate at the end of term for attending our Afterschool Club. Rewards will be offered each week for ‘Player Of The Day’ for good skills, good behaviour and good teamwork. The Prizes will be a Star Strikers FCA Medal and FREE Home Match day tickets at the end of the term to go and watch a Professional Football team in action.

Star Strikers FCA Extra Benefits

If you require more than 1 hour for the Afterschool Club, then we offer an Extra Hour Childcare, entertaining children with lots of fun team games along with educational quizzes and competitions to finish. The Extra Hour Childcare Multi-ball Sports Service is designed for players to engage in other ball games, such as tag rugby, hand ball, rounder’s, and cricket. We ensure that all our players get the enjoyment that they all need whist driving fun into learning.

Please click on our Players Signed / Recommended tab for further details or Contact Us via our Enquiries / Booking Form.


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