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Half Term Holiday Camps


Week 1: Tuesday 3rd - Friday  6th April
Week 2: Monday 9th - Friday 13th April

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Saturday School & Wednesday Sessions

WEDNESDAY SIV Ponds Forge International Sports CentrejzAllstars
SATURDAY Derek Dooley Sports & Community Centre

5:00pm - 5:45pm

11:30pm - 12.30pm

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 Star Strikers FCA Breakfast Clubs - 7:40 am - 8:40 am 

The breakfast club is aimed at getting children active and motivated for the day in front of them. They day will start with motivational football exercises and small fun team games, to build up confidence and great relationshops with children at all ages. Star Strikers FCA deliver football exercises with mind testers, small relays and team building games to get the children all set for the day ahead.


 Star Strikers FCA Football Coaching School Curriculum Sessions - 9:00 am – 3:30 pm 

Star Strikers FCA are FA qualified coaches who coach educational fun football coaching sessions which covers PE curriculum programmes. Our football coaching physical education sessions cover individual benefits which include’s increased self esteem, self efficiency and confidence along with a greater sense of self control. Furthermore sessions have helped young people to develop their interests and given them an all important sense of achievement and empowerment. Organisational wise children have participated more in curriculum activities, built stronger teams and developed trust amongst staff and their peer groups.


 Star Strikers FCA Leadership Programme Experience 

We coach children with behavioural issues as these children excel more in schools during physical education. Star Strikers FCA provide mentoring and advice on becoming football coaches. Also Star Strikers FCA can help young people develop a greater sense of how their own behaviour can impact on others around them. This will therefore have a positive impact on the whole school and will lead to the whole school improving. Certificates will be awarded after each term after the course has been completed.


 Star Strikers FCA Afterschool Club / Extra hour Child Care Service Multi-ball Sports 3:30 am - 4:40 pm/ 4:40 pm - 5:40 pm for extra Childcare Multi-ball Sports 

Star Strikers FCA have a high success rate of coaching and scouting for young football talent for Manchester City Football Club, other linked Football Clubs and the FA Girls Centre of Excellence. As part of our afterschool sessions we run a fun afterschool club which consist of fun educational football tournaments, games and penalty shoot outs!!!

If you require more than 1 hour for the Afterschool Club, then we offer an Extra Hour Childcare of Multi-ball Sports entertaining children with lots of fun team games along with educational quizzes and competitions to finish. The Multi-ball Sports Club will have a choice of tag rugby, hand ball, football rounder’s, football cricket. We ensure that all our players get the enjoyment that they all desperately need whist driving the fun into learning.


 Star Strikers FCA Awards for attending Breakfast Club / Curriculum / Afterschool Club Sessions 

Each child will receive a certificate for attending our sessions at the end of term. We also give out a Player of the Day for attitude, behaviour and football skills children have learned through Star Strikers. The player of the day prizes include FREE Ice Sheffield Skate Vouchers or FREE Football tickets for home match days.


 Star Strikers FCA U-MIX Centre Sheffield - 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

Star Strikers FCA provide excellent football coaching for ages 8 – 16. These sessions are aimed at finding players at any level then training them to improve their footballing skills, confidence and ability by delivering various footballing drills and techniques. Any extremely talented players will be recommended / scouted to Star Strikers FCA Linked Professional Football Clubs . We will also be sending talented girls into the FA Girls Centre of Excellence and the Manchester City Girls Academy.


 Star Strikers FCA Saturday School Derek Dooley Sports & Community Centre 

Times     Ages
1.00 pm – 2.00 pm
2.00 pm – 3.00 pm
2.00 pm – 3.00 pm
- 4 / 5 / 6
- 7 / 8 / 9
- 10 / 11 / 12


Star Strikers FCA provide fun exciting coaching to boys and girls aged 4 – 12. These three sessions are aimed at children learning to play football with other players in their age range.

Star Strikers FCA aim to develop player’s ability by coaching the basics on techniques and also educating the players whilst having lots of fun by providing exciting, fun packed and interactive football coaching sessions and training to young players. Star Strikers FCA believe every child counts and the emphasis is on developing skills on an individual basis, breaking down key skills into more manageable sessions and putting the fun into learning. Our training and coaching sessions help increase confidence, motivation and self-esteem for children.

We intend to coach and prepare children to send into Star Strikers FCA Linked Professional Football Clubs And Academies. We will also be sending talented girls into the FA Girls Centre of Excellence and the Manchester City Girls Academy.


 Star Strikers FCA School Holiday Football Camps - 10:00 am to 3:00 pm 

We provide fantastic Football camps during the school holidays which consist of fun games, skills and drills, lunch time entertainment, matches, tournaments, talent scouting and lots of fun exciting competitions with many prizes to be won. The Football Camps are only run in the School Holidays and are for children aged 5 – 13 years old. Star Strikers are always scouting for talented players. We also provide Child Care Services for our Football Camps.


 Star Strikers FCA Birthday Parties (Saturdays Only)  

Star Strikers FCA deliver a Birthday Party a child will never forget, with 2 hours of fun packed football full of excitement! There is 1 hour for football and 1 hour for food, with an option of 30 minutes Extra football. The birthday boy / girl will receive a complimentary medal, a birthday card and a birthday cake with a choice of their supported football team. Only for children aged 5 – 12.


 Star Strikers FCA One To One Football Sessions  

Star Strikers FCA One To One session is designed to help player’s confidence technique and provide beginners with a new sense of achievement. The program is designed for all levels and abilities. We also offer one to one training to new football starters.

Star Strikers FCA One to One session are also based onto developing footballer’s needs to play for school teams, Saturday, Sunday league teams and academy or professional teams.

All One to One sessions are coached by our FA qualified Football Coach Educators.

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